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Reference Book: Olde-Time Tools & Toys of Needlework


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Olde-Time Tools & Toys of Needlework

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This softcover book was first published in 1928 by Columbia University. This is the Dover publication of 1971.

If you have a fondness for needlework tools I can only say that ‘this book is one of the best reference publications when it comes to needlework tools.’ Just about every book that has been written by an author since this book was published in 1928 has referred to Gertrude Whiting’s research.

It is titled Old-Time Tools & Toys of Needlework and it was written by Gertrude Whiting. Three hundred and the fifty-seven-page book is filled with research on subjects like:

Sweet-scented beeswax; winders, reels; scissors; workbaskets and workboxes; thimbles,; measures; knitting needles and crochet hooks; awls, bodkins, prickers; emeries; needle-books and needlecases; bobbins and shuttles – just to name a few of the subjects covered.

Illustrated with over 200 black and white photos. Good condition – Owned by a former collector.

Excellent condition.

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