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Reference Book: Nuremberg Thimblemakers


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Nuremberg Thimblemakers

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Nuremberg Thimblemakers was authored by Helmut Greif of the German GABLER/GREIF factory fame.

Published by Thimble Collectors International with a copyright of 1986 and out of print. This booklet was distributed to convention members at the Des Moines, Iowa, convention in August of 1986.

This soft cover booklet deals with many of the early German thimbles and their makers. ┬áThirty pages filled with good information including information about old Nuremberg and the thimblemakers’ trade, thimblemaker family Endtner in Nuremberg, The Life of the thimble maker Hans Tobler and more.

The booklet was originally written in German and then translated by Gertrude Kuebler

Excellent condition.

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