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Reference Book: DARN IT! The History and Romance of Darners


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Reference Book:  DARN IT! The History and Romance of Darners

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This soft-covered reference booklet is a “must-have” if you enjoy collecting or wish to know about sewing darners.  It was authored by Wayne Muller and has a copyright of 1995.  I do not believe that another reference book like this, has been written on the subject of darners. I have used my copy many times over to look up a specific darner.  The booklet also has a price guide.

Table of Contents including chapters on Romance of darning, the utilitarian art, the history of stockings our newest garment, the evolution of stockings from pelts to pantyhose, darners the ultimate, infinite collectibles and a full catalog of different darners, including the manufacturers where known. 160 pages of very worthwhile information and color plates for ID purposes.

Like new, in excellent condition.

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