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Figural Tape Measure, Ink Blotter *C.1900s


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Antique Ink Blotter Tape Measure *C.1900s

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An early brass and metal tape measure in the shape of an ink blotter. Provenance is Germany.

The tape is marked in inches and centimeters and it has a spring mechanism, all in working order.  Measures 8 cm in length x 3.7 cm wide x 2 cm deep.  Very nice condition.

Stamped “D.R.G.M.” (Deutsches Reichsgebrauchsmuster) or German Reichs Registered Design. The DRGM means that the design was officially registered in all of the German states and this acronym was instructed in 1891 and in use until about 1952. After that date, items were registered with D.B.G.M