Hand-Painted Bisque Porcelain Thimbles

July 6, 2020

Do you collect hand-painted bisque porcelain thimbles?

Search for hand-painted thimbles on my website. Over the coming months, I will be listing many beautiful hand-painted bisque thimbles by various artists.  ROBA, CORAL, M.HELEN, NIELAND, PRUDI, RAYMA, and more.  Little is known about these artists and I’d be grateful if you would share information if you are aware of it for any of the hand-painted thimbles.

Thimble Collectors International has a wealth of information available to collectors of both thimbles and needlework tools.  If you are not a member of TCI, consider joining today to take advantage of the Members Only side of the website.  It is filled with photos and information for the collector.

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