Fakes and Reproductions

July 8, 2020

Are you a member of Thimble Collectors International (TCI)? TCI is the premier collector group for those interested in thimbles and needlework tools. Within the Members Only side of the website, you will find photo and informational files that...

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Hand-Painted Bisque Porcelain Thimbles

July 6, 2020

Do you collect hand-painted bisque porcelain thimbles? Search for hand-painted thimbles on my website. Over the coming months, I will be listing many beautiful hand-painted bisque thimbles by various artists.  ROBA, CORAL, M.HELEN, NIELAND, PRUDI, RAYMA, and more.  Little is...

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Cairn Studios, Ltd. Thomas Clark Figurines

May 26, 2017

Cairn Studios, Ltd. employed Tom Clark as one of their lead artists. He gained worldwide recognition for his charming clay sculptures. Clark’s creations reflect an extensive training in both theology and portraiture. Needlework tool and thimble collectors love these creations...

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Fake: Kay Thetford Kendall Thimble

October 17, 2016

A number of fake Kay Thetford Kendall thimbles show up on eBay periodically.  If you look closely at the thimble image, you will see where the silver has been molded (the mold line is clearly visible) and the hallmarking is very...

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